1. Why We Started

         We are located in an area in Sumatra to be precise in the Riau Islands, an industrial city with trade transportation passing by land, sea and air, the large and rapid industrial cities in the Riau Islands are also dubbed the golden triangle area which includes Singapore, Malaysia and Batam. This is what disturbs our minds to interfere in the industrial world, making us also take over in the digital industry to meet the needs of our clients in various regions and even countries.

We have many local and international clients that we serve various design needs such as brochures, ID cards, banners, screen printing, stickers to neon boxes, we are probably the first to occupy the name Batam Design Agency, where our company is very easy to find online.

The reason we choose to open a digital business is seeing the many requests for cheaper and better quality printing designs accompanied by convenient services, everything can be done online, just wait at home or at the office for orders to arrive easily.

2. Easy ordering

    Printing at Kaina Studio is now easier and faster. Kaina Studio is able to serve customers online. Just choose a product and enter the specifications, you can order online and of course don't worry, we also have a WA number for confirmation / telephone for online orders. So Kaina Studio is ready to help you simplify and shorten your time, instead of waiting in line at Kaina Studio

- Select the product you want

- Click on a product and you will be able to chat directly with the designer

- Tell me what kind of design you want

- After the deal, we will deliver your printed order to your location

- You can save time and money without having to bother leaving the house or looking for other designers

- we are full-time service for your butterfly

3. Build a Career

    We give a commission to every seller who gets a printing job as well as a discount for every project they work on, besides that we also accept designers who want to print with a special price. In addition, those who want to learn to design, we give low prices and even free for those who really want to be involved in the world of design and tips for dealing with obstacles as a designer.

Our Professional Services:

-Graphic Designer - Printing - Engineering - Motion Video - Photo Editing - Branding- Drafting